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MOE facilitates consultation on CARICOM Draft Regional Strategy

Details: Published - October 22, 2016
Education stakeholders gathered at the Ministry of Education to discuss and provide feedback on the draft CARICOM Regional Education and Human Resource Development 2030 Strategy. The consultation, which was facilitated at the Education Tower, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain on Friday 21st October 2016, was led by CARICOM representatives, Patricia McPherson, Deputy Programme Manager for Education and Dr. Nancy George, Education Sector Specialist.

CAPE Scholarships and President’s Medal winners announced

Details: Published - October 14, 2016
The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education has announced that Cabinet awarded three hundred and eighty nine (389) Scholarships to Sixth Form secondary school students who did exceptionally well in the 2016 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

Education Ministers say Santa Flora problems will be addressed

Details: Published - October 12, 2016
The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education and Dr. the Honourable Lovell Francis, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education have both assured parents and students attending the Santa Flora Government Primary School that their concerns regarding the school will be urgently addressed.