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The Community Needs to Intervene in the Upbringing of Our Youth

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Dec 18 2017

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The Community Needs to Intervene in the Upbringing of Our Youth

The absence of community involvement in the upbringing of our youth has been cited as one of the major reasons for the prevalence  of young persons being involved in crime and gang activity. The recent killing of a 15 year old student has brought to the fore the importance of the initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of Education and also underscores the importance of all stakeholders taking responsibility for their role in these endeavours.


The high prevalence  of incidents involving school aged youth has reiterated the need for the Ministry to ensure there is a firm grasp on discipline in schools. The Ministry continues to use School Based Management to engage all stakeholders of the school community, to develop discipline plans specific to each school environment and the individual discipline challenges that may surface. Understanding that plans are ineffective without proper monitoring and evaluation the Ministry has ensured that the necessary staff are in place to facilitate the proper execution of this initiative.


The Ministry sympathises with all of the families that have lost loved ones as a result of crime and violence and has therefore enforced a zero tolerance approach to indiscipline in schools as a way of mitigating these incidents in schools and has embarked on removing students who have repeatedly been reported as having behavioural issues and using intervention through Learning Enhancement Centres to council and rehabilitate these students before reintroduction to their original classrooms once assessment is completed.

As the increase in indiscipline in youth has moved out of the school and is now most prevalent in the community, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia has urged parents and the national community to “Be your brother’s keeper. We must return to the days of a village raising a child as it is this new found hands off approach that has led to the significant breakdown of the development of our youth. We must each do our part to protect our young people and we must not be afraid to speak out when we see them doing wrong.”

The Ministry of Education affirms its commitment to ensuring that the nation’s schools are safe spaces where indiscipline is in a minority and will continue to use programmes such as School Based Management, Parenting in Education and collaborative efforts with other education interest groups to reduce these instances of youth related crime, violence and death as one occurrence is one too many.