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Denominational Board & MOE Agree on Standardised Application Form

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Mar 12 2018

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Denominational board & MOE Agree on Standardized Application Form 

The Association of Denominational Boards of Education and the Ministry of Education have agreed on a Standardised Form for Application for Entry into primary schools and the process involved.  

This assurance came from President of the Association of Denominational Boards of Education, Sharon Mangroo, during a News Conference hosted by Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia on Monday 26th February, 2018.  

She said representatives of her association met with Chief Education Officer, Harrilal Seecharan and a delegation from the Ministry of Education on Tuesday 23rd January, 2018 and discussed proposals to make it easier for parents to secure an Application Form. The objective was to allay the fears of parents that these forms are limited, thus preventing the rush and long lines at some schools. 

According to Ms. Mangroo “Both parties agreed to ensure that forms will be available not only at the schools, but also at the Education District Offices, on the Ministry of Education Website and the  Websites of some schools, parents can also photo copy the forms.” She said.

Speaking on the issue at the News Conference, Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia said “Education in this country is done jointly between the Government and the Denominational Boards, some of you might be familiar with the word, Church Schools, the Denomination Boards provide education to thousands of children through a number of primary and secondary schools”   

There were some issues with some principals and parents not understanding the change from the old process to the current one, thus the need for One Standard Form that contains all the information necessary for application. 

Parents are asked to note that the Application Process is separate and apart from the Registration Process. 



 Released on 28th February, 2018 



For further information please contact the Ministry’s Communications Division at 622-2181.