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Concerns Surrounding Ramai Trace Hindu School

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Apr 19 2018

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News Release    

Concerns Surrounding Ramai Trace Hindu School  


The Ministry of Education wishes to clarify for the public the status of the Ramai Trace Hindu School which has gained prominence in the media recently. Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia had given assurance in January 2018 that the Government would be working toward having the already 90 percent completed school opened in the not too distant future. The Ministry has upheld that assurance and is still working with urgency toward completion for staff and students to return to the school.  


Oropouche East Member of Parliament Dr Roodal Moonilal after whom the school was renamedhas condemned and chastised the Government for not completing the project though it was indicated that the Government has the project shortlisted for completion once funds became available. Understanding that this school may be of particular importance to Dr Moonilal, the committed timeline that has been given by the Ministry cannot be altered in response to negative media coverage or pressure coming from any individual or group. 


The misinformation being propelled by the Oropouche East MP gives the misleading idea that the Government does not prioritise education in Trinidad and Tobago. This has led to continued protest by parents and while the Ministry of Education supports citizens’ right to protest, persons should not be led to protest based on the politicizing of serious issues or based on fearmongering. Minister Garcia has proffered the challenge to Dr Moonilal to “Put political agendas aside and work with the members of his constituency to ensure the best outcomes as students of the Ramai Trace Hindu School prepare for the SEA in May.” And to “Help his constituents to understand that this is a critical time for students as it is a promotion term and this is where their energies should be directed while the Government works on the new facility.”  


The Ministry of Education has upheld its duty to provide a space where teaching and learning can be conducted while the new facility is being constructed. All children of school age in Trinidad and Tobago are entitled to a state sponsored education and the Ministry continues to work ceaselessly to provide this even amid constraints. Parents are urged to remember that while the new school building is unavailable keeping their children away from school as a form of protest is depriving their children of the education they deserve.  



 Released on 18th April, 2018 


For further information please contact the Ministry’s Communications Division at 622-2181.