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GATE Process

How can I apply for GATE funding? 
You must apply for GATE funding via online GATE Application Form in GATE e-Service.

GATE e-Service: click here

Important Note:

In order to log on to GATE e-Service, you must register for a GATE e-Service ID. Please proceed to register at the following GATE e-Service Registration Centres across the country: 

Registration Centres Location
MIC POS, Sangre Grande, St. Mandeleine, Point Fortin, Pleasantville, Macoya, Penal, Point-a-Pierre, Tobago (Canaan)
NESC Debe, Mayaro, Maruga, La Brea, Couva, Point Fortin, St. Madeleine, Laventille, Tobago (Goldsborough)
UTT POS, Chaguaramas, Valsayn, O'meara, Couva (Point Lisas), San Fernando, San Fernando (Corinth), Tobago (Scarborough)
COSTAATT POS, Sangre Grande, San Fernando, El Dorado, Tobago (Scarborough)
UWI/STA St.Augustine
UWI/OPEN St. Augustine,San Fernando, Sangre Grande, Mayaro, Tobago (Scarborough)
TTCONNECT Chaguanas, St. James, Princes Town, Arima, Tunapuna, Tobago (Bon Accord)
CCLCS Valsayn
TTHTI Chaguaramas
SAMS St. Augustine, San Fernando
THTI Tobago (Mt. St. George)
SBCS Tincity, San Fernando, Champs Fleurs
USC Maracas Valley, San Fernando, Tobago (Scarborough)

You must present original copies of the following documents for identity verification:
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identification Card or Passport (at least one of the two)
  • Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate (if necessary)
  • Do I need to provide any documentation for online GATE application?

You are required to upload the following documents (in softcopy) for online GATE application submission:
  • Birth Certificate with supporting affidavit (if necessary)
  • National Identification Card or Passport (at least one of the two)
  • Copy of Receipt for evidence of payment for your portion of tuition fees (for post-graduate student)
  • Marriage / Divorce Certificate (for married / divorce student)
  • Deed Poll (for name change)
  • Latest Grade Slip or Transcript (for continuing student pursuing in the same programme)
  • Acceptance Letter from Institution (for new / continuing student pursuing in new programme)
  • Certificate of the previous Completed Programme (for continuing student pursuing in new programme)

Important Note for uploads:

Supported File Size: Up to 3MB
Supported File Types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt.

GATE is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division.