Policy the Registration of Private Schools in Trinidad & Tobago


The Policy for the Registration of Private Schools in Trinidad and Tobago seeks to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and Ministry of Education’s guidelines for the holistic development and protection of students. This policy provides the registration guidelines, processes and monitoring and evaluation systems for owners of Private Schools. Its implementation seeks to  ensure that the owners of Private Schools and their teaching staff are aware and understand the guidelines, and operate according to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

Proprietors of private schools are bound by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago; in particular, the Education Act, Chap. 39:01, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Chap. 88:08 and the Children’s Community Residences, Foster Care and Nurseries Act, 2000 and other pieces of legislation relating to the welfare and safety of children.


The objectives of this policy are: 

  1. Registration Requirement for Private Schools: To establish and promote the mandatory registration of private schools operating in Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. Guidance for Proprietors, Principals, and Teachers: To provide proprietors, principals, and educators with comprehensive guidance concerning the policies, procedures, and legal prerequisites governing the operation of private schools in Trinidad and Tobago.
  3. Monitoring of Private School Operation: To ensure compliance in the operation of Private Schools

Target Audience

Existing proprietors and prospective proprietors of Private Schools in Trinidad and Tobago, parents of students attending private schools.

Key Activities/Elements

Written approvals must be obtained from the following agencies confirming the suitability of the building in question for use as a school:

  1. Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA): Completion certificate for internal plumbing system
  2. Electrical Inspectorate (Public Utilities Commission): Inspection Certificate of Approval in accordance with the Electricity Inspection Act, Chap 54:72.
  3. Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service: Inspection of Premises for Certification (Fire Service Act, Chapter 35:50)
  4. Ministry of Health: Sanitary and aesthetic conditions of the premises inspected in compliance with the Public Health Ordinance Chapter 12, No. 4.
  5. Ministry of Planning and Development: Town and Country Planning Division – Town and Country Planning Approval.

Other approvals required are:

  1. All teachers employed at private primary and secondary schools must be registered with the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the Education Act.
  2. All private schools must also register their business with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and submit the certificate with the application.

Subject to the fulfilment of all the conditions of registration, a Certificate of Registration shall be issued within six (6) weeks of submission of a complete application and the establishment shall be recorded on the Register of Private Schools.

N.B. All private schools operating in Trinidad and Tobago must be registered with the Ministry of Education in accordance with the Education Act Chap 39:01.