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Jan 18 2017

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The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education joined the Chaguanas Borough Corporation in celebrating World Hindi Day at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation at a function held on Saturday 14th January, 2017.

Giving the feature address, Minister Garcia said that the Hindi language is influenced by many cultures and languages, with its roots embedded in Turkic, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese and the English languages. He said, “One can say that Hindi like our culture is truly diverse and unique in nature. Today we as a nation are happy to join with the people of India and all other nations who unity have preserved and taken the Hindi language forward, in celebrating and acknowledging World Hindi Day.”

Minister Garcia also spoke of the numerous contributions that the Hindu community has made towards the nations. He said, “We the government and citizens of our twin island Republic have sought preservation of Hindi through our various forms of Song and Prayer. Being the Minister of Education I am also proud to say that we have and continue to offer Hindi as a language at our CXC level of education in an effort to preserve its significance and facilitate exchange of culture, business and knowledge with our colleagues throughout the world.”

He also made special mention of all citizens who continue to maintain and preserve the country’s rich culture influenced by the Hindi language, and acknowledged the strong diplomatic relationship with the people of India. He said, “It is my wish that we continue to preserve and develop all aspects of the East Indian diaspora in Trinidad and Tobago and the world at large.”

Also attending the event were the Deputy Mayor of Chaguanas, Faiz Mohammed,; His Excellency Ambassador of Argentina; His Excellency Bishwadip Dey, High Commissioner of India; Pundit Dr. Rampersad Parasram, Head of the Parasram School of Hinduism; Dr. Indrani Rampersad, President Arya Pratinidi Sabha, T&T and Dr. Deokinanan Sharma, President National Council of Indian Culture.