Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish (SIS)



 The objectives of the Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish (SIS) are: 

  • To facilitate a new learning environment through which the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will learn and effectively utilise Spanish as the First Foreign Language (SAFFL) by the year 2020. 
  • To promote fruitful and effective intercultural dialogue.
  • To promote public awareness and support for the Spanish as the First Foreign Language (SAFFL) initiative.  

The Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish or SIS was formed under a Cabinet Directive on September 9th 2004 and was formally launched on March 22nd, 2005. It was launched as a Unit, specifically created to drive the SAFFL (Spanish as the First Foreign Language) initiative. Spanish is a strategic tool in the internationalisation of our nation’s culture and strategic advantages. It is the driver for trade, and the vehicle of culture and values. It provides access to bodies of knowledge, which otherwise would not have been available and is a generator of employment (tourism and hospitality industry, service industry, teachers etc.). It is the most widely spoken language in the Region. Latin America represents an extensive market: 515M population from over 44 countries (UNASUR, the regional union which encompasses all of South America (including heavyweights Brazil, Chile and Argentina) and has a total GDP (PPP) of 7.9 trillion US dollars, compared with CARICOM’s 16M population and 64.8 billion GDP (PPP) across 15 countries.


Current services offered by the Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish 

  • Spanish language courses for Government Ministries.
  • Training workshops for Spanish teachers.
  • Hosting of Spanish Language Day activities for secondary school students.
  • Promotion of international programs and scholarship opportunities for students and teachers.
  • Promotion of Spanish in the private sector.
  • Spanish Language Conversation Club in conjunction with Latin American and Spanish Embassies.
  • Cultural awareness seminars.
  • Database of Language Service Providers.
  • Translation services for Government ministries.
  • Dissemination of bilingual phrase booklets and learning materials.


Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish (SIS)
Ministry of Education
Level 11, Building A, 
Education Towers
No. 5 St. Vincent Street, 
Port of Spain 
Tel: 1(868)622-2181 ext 2028