Educational Planning Division


The Educational Planning Division is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Government’s policy with respect to on-going reform of the education system in the context of national development.


The Division is divided into the following sections offering the followings services: 

Programming Section

The Programming Section provides support to all Divisions and Units of the Ministry to bring consistent planning across the Ministry’s initiatives and operations. The Section prepares country reports, papers for presentation at national, regional and international workshops and seminars, and provides technical support to all divisions of the MOE in areas related to educational planning.

Statistics Section

The Statistics Section collects, collates, disseminates and maintains a system of data collection to inform the policies, projects and programmes to be developed and executed in the educational system. It also provides accurate, relevant and timely information for the effective monitoring and evaluating the formation of those policies, projects and programmes.

Facilities Section

The Facilities Section develops and maintains the educational adequacy and efficiency standards for school facilities by managing the services and processes that support school infrastructural improvement.

Business Planning Unit (BPU)

The BPU is tasked with strengthening the Ministry’s strategic planning process by monitoring the deliverables identified in the Ministry’s Corporate Plan and the integrated Business Plan

The Policy Support Unit

The Policy Support Unit is charged with advising and providing support to Divisions/Units in the formulation education policies.


Educational Planning Division 
Ministry of Education
Level 14, Building A
Education Towers
#5 St. Vincent Street,
Port of Spain.
Phone: 1(868) 622-2181 (Ext. 2329/ 2340/2331/ 2328)