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Minister Garcia Fulfills Promise Made To Retired Teachers

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Jul 24 2017

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Following a promise made to teachers at a retirement function held by the Trinidad and Tobago Teachers Unified Association (TTUTA) in April of this year, the Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education has formed a Ministerial Committee, tasked with issues pertaining to retirement benefits. 

The Ministry of Education has long been plagued by complaints of prolonged periods of waiting to receive benefits which Minister Garcia found to be “unacceptable”. It is the intention of Minister Garcia and the Ministry of Education to ensure that benefits are received within three months of confirmed retirement. 

The convened Committee will focus on reducing the wait time for the receipt of benefits; ensuring retirees are knowledgeable of the processes proceeding retirement and creating a free flow of information for tracking all throughout the process before payment. 

Minister Garcia said that the entire process for payment does not lie with the Ministry of Education but with two additional entities; the Comptroller of Accounts and the Auditor General. While the Ministry of Education is poised at ensuring all teachers and Civil Servants receive their dues on time, prospective retirees are reminded that the process for benefit payment is started one year before retirement commences. To this end, persons do their due diligence to secure a smooth flow into retirement. 

Today, Minister Garcia reiterated his commitment not just to education, but to the persons within the education system. The Ministerial Committee is one of the many initiatives started by Minister Garcia to ensure that every aspect of the education system is given the level of support needed to thrive. The plight of retirees resonated with Minister Garcia as he indicated, “What an injustice it is that our teachers and Civil Servants who have committed their lives to education are faced with these challenges to receive what is owed to them.” 

The Committee, comprises persons responsible for the processing of payments of every level; Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Records Management, and it is expected to have a working action plan in one months’ time.