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Ministry of Education Address Claims Made by Former Minister

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Sep 11 2017

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Ministry of Education Address Claims Made by Former Minister


The Minister of Education today stated that he will not be engaging in any tit for tat banter with former Minister Gopeesingh. Minister Anthony Garcia committed to engaging in structured positive conversations that would be geared toward the advancement of education in Trinidad and Tobago and ensuring the development of this country’s youth. The consistent attempts at character assassination and spread of misinformation on the efforts of the Ministry, Minister Garcia stated, will no longer be encouraged. “The portfolio of the Ministry of Education has evolved significantly and has maintained a level of dynamism that a non-holder of the office will be unable to completely understand” said Minister Garcia. 

The issues that Dr Gopeesingh attempted to piggyback on that may have been highlighted in the national media continue to show that his efforts are solely self serving and does not seek to truly aid any one that he may have mentioned as having challenges. After having left a debt in the multi-millions for the current government to address, the consistent nerve of the former Minister to draw attention to projects that require financing continues to leave the Ministry as a whole confused. 

The Ministry has clarified its position on all issues raised by Dr Gopeesingh to the national community and will continue to do so. With the new National Budget to be read in a few weeks the Ministry is prepared to eliminate some of its debt and resume works on stalled projects. Minister Garcia also cautioned Dr Gopeesingh on the comments and personal attacks that he continues to make and reiterates that if he is truly concerned about education then his comments should reflect this. 


For further information please contact the Ministry’s Communications Division at 622-2181.