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Time to Change the Conversation

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Nov 07 2017

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Time to Change the Conversation

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia is today asking all stakeholders in education to do more to promote a reduction of indiscipline and crime among our youth. Following a case of young men of school age circulating in the media brandishing firearms, the Minister is making the plea that parents, teachers, members of the community and the media all do their parts to reduce the sensationalism of criminal activity and to be more mindful of all actions that may affect our youth.

Minister Garcia reminded that “The upbringing of the nation’s youth is everyone’s responsibility. When we see our children with weapons, engaging in fights or any activity that is unbecoming of the type of citizen that we wish to produce in Trinidad and Tobago, we must remember that these children are but products of their environment and the examples being set by the adults around them.” The Ministry of Education will continue to do its part to ensure that any possible instance of indiscipline is dealt with swiftly and effectively so that the school experience can be a positive one for all stakeholders.

The Ministry of Education is committed to working with all parties invested in education to change the current conversation nationally, to be more reflective of the positives that the young people of Trinidad and Tobago have to offer. Minister Garcia urged all citizens to engage in healthy dialogue with young people to help to promote positivity and encourage them to work harder and do better.  “It is now critical that we move away from consistently focusing on the viral negativity that has been cultivated among a minority of our nation’s youth and shift focus to the major group of hard working, disciplined and willing young people that are working toward making Trinidad and Tobago a place they want to be in the future.” The Minister said.

The Ministry of Education will also be doing its part to change the conversation through stakeholder engagement both physically and virtually in the coming weeks.