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School's Chutney Soca Monarch Prize Giving

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May 23 2018

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School's Chutney Soca Monarch Prize Giving


The winners of the 2018 School’s National Carnival Intellectual Churney Soca Monarch Competition were presented with certificates and trophies at a prize giving function on Tuesday 21st May, 2018 at the  NCC’S VIP Lounge, Queens’ Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Addressing the winners and their parents, the Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education said he is very impressed with the high level of creativity displayed by students.  “ As we attach the word intellectual it tells us that we want to develop the creative talents of our young people, creativity is important and we need to have creative thinkers in our country. .and this is one way of ensuring that we develop among our children the creative talents. In this competition you can use you creative talents to express the way you fell and the way things around you would impact upon you, so the word intellectual is so important to us today, “  he said.

Minister Garcia also emphasised the value of competitions saying, it teachers us how to win graciously and also how to accept defeat with dignity. He said “ It is important for us to understand the true meaning of competition and therefore competitions like these assist us in our growth and development. So when we compete with each other, although we  migh not come first, but the fact that we are able to meet, greet, play and participate with each other, this is a very important teaching tool.”  He pledged his personal support and that of the Ministry of Education to similiar competitions put on by stakeholders.

Newly appointed Chairman of the National Carnival Commission, Winston ‘Gypsy” Peters praised the Ministry of Education for supporting these competitions and urged students to start writing their own songs. He promised that NCC will recognise and reward these students.   

The winners in the Primary School category of the  2018 School’s National Carnival Intellectual Churney Soca Monarch Competition  were Jayda Celestine  of  St. Michael's Anglican School, Sharla Zakiya Grant of Lower Cumuto Government and  Dabria Baptiste  of  St. Gabriel's  R.C Primary  School. The Secondary School winners were, Aaron Duncan of St. George's College, Nirmala Ramdass Singh of San Fernando West Secondary and Catherine Chandler from the University of the Southern Caribbean. 



 Released on 22nd May, 2018 



For further information please contact the Ministry’s Communications Division at 622-2181.