Distance Learning (DSL) – FAQ

Q: Can I get GATE for a Distance Learning Programme? 
A: GATE (Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses) is accessed through GATE approved institutions. As it stands now, these institutions are local and regional. If the institution offers a blended distance learning programme (which includes some tuition), the tuition expenses can be covered by GATE. 

Q: What is Distance Learning? 

A: Distance Learning is a method of accessing education in any non-traditional manner. This means that as long as the student is accessing the learning material outside of the school’s compound, and outside of regular schooling hours, he/she is learning via distance. Examples of Distance Learning modalities include online programmes of study and external tuition programmes (where the certification is awarded by a body separate from the institution providing the tuition). 


Q: What is a blended programme?

A: A blended programme is any mixture of Distance Learning modalities, for example a degree programme with taught modules as well as online modules. Q: What Distance Learning Programmes are available? A: There are hundreds of programmes available internationally, and many UK and US institutions offer Distance Learning Programmes and courses at all levels. Currently the Distance Learning Secretariat is compiling a list of Open and Distance Learning courses. However, of the state and state-assisted Tertiary Level Institutions (TLIs), the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the University of the southern Caribbean offer Open and Distance Learning (ODL).