The Ministry of Education has embarked on the implementation of the Education Policy 2023-27. This is a meticulously devised, strategic roadmap, directing the Ministry’s efforts over a five year period to transform education; directly confronting and addressing the critical challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago’s education landscape. It not only reflects our National Developmental goals, but also underscores our dedication to the achievement of international mandates, notably the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since 2020, an extensive three-phase consultation process involved education stakeholders in virtual and written discussions, with a keen focus on the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. The Policy which has emerged from these consultations recognises the need to equip our citizens with the skills to surmount the challenges of the 21st century. It stands on the shoulders of the recommendations, initiatives, and achievements of its predecessor, bolstered by ongoing research, in-depth analysis, and continued engagement with all stakeholders who grapple with the intricate and unique challenges within Trinidad and Tobago’s educational landscape.

The Education Policy 2023-2027 underscores the paramount significance of our young citizens, and the importance of their educational achievements, as well as their values, attitudes and behaviours in shaping the future of Trinidad and Tobago. It recognizes the need for systemic, curricular and operational transformation in achieving the vision of the Ministry of Education- modern, relevant, equitable education for all.


The Education Policy presents multifaceted solutions across eight (8) Strategic Areas. It underscores the importance of:

  1. Legislative Updates (Amendment of the Education Act)
  2. Human Resource Development
  3. Equity in Quality Education
  4. Curriculum Reform
  5. Revitalisation of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  6. Harnessing ICT for Digital Transformation
  7. Transitioning Learners through the Education System
  8. Enabling Student Success

The overarching Education Policy is supported by myriad sub-policies, which provide greater details to guide specific strategic areas. This work of sub-policy development is constantly ongoing, as it sets the stage for effective measurement, evaluation and improvement of the work of the Ministry of Education.

The most critical sub-policies developed thus far are:

  1. Cultural Transformation Policy
  2. Home Schooling Policy
  3. Patriotism Policy
  4. Policy for the Registration of Private Schools
  5. Digital Transformation Policy
  6. Remedial Education Policy

Target Audience

The Education Policy 2023-27 and its accompanying body of sub-policies, having been painstakingly assembled through consultations with key education stakeholders, is meant to be received, internalized and collaboratively implemented by all citizens, including teachers, students, parents, administrators, community members; indeed, education is everyone’s business. This collective approach fosters the exchange of ideas between those who shape policy and those most profoundly affected by its outcomes.

Key Activities/Elements

Effective implementation of the 2023-2027 Education Policy is premised on the following:

  • Clearly defined policy statements with logical and feasible solutions to the policy problems.
  • Inclusive stakeholder engagement to facilitate successful policy implementation.
  • Conducive institutional, policy and societal context that recognises the existing policy environment, educational governance as well as the internal and external environment.
  • A coherent implementation strategy that can be effectively operationalised.

The Ministry of Education is unwavering in its commitment to conduct rigorous monitoring and evaluation, data collection, a well-balanced mix of indicators, and various measurement instruments.

The Ministry extends an invitation to explore its comprehensive Education Policy for the years 2023-2027. To acquire a comprehensive grasp of its strategic roadmap and the diverse array of solutions it presents, kindly peruse the complete policy document available here: (Education Policy 2023-2027)

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