What is the GATE Programme?

The Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) Programme provides financial assistance to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are pursuing GATE-approved tertiary level programmes at local and regional public and private Tertiary Level Institutions (TLIs). The GATE Programme is administered by the Funding and Grants Administration Division (FGAD) of the Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division. 

Can I apply for GATE funding?

You can apply for GATE funding if:

  • You have been accepted to a GATE-approved local or regional public TLI or a local private TLI.
  • You are enrolled in a GATE-approved programme that leads to the award of a recognised tertiary level qualification.
  • You are between the ages of 18 to 50 years.

Can I get GATE funding at my institution?

To view a list of GATE-approved institutions, click here>>

Will there be any bond for GATE funding?

All students who accept GATE funding will be bound to a period of national service that will be linked to the value of the GATE funds disbursed on their behalf.  

How can I apply for GATE funding?

You can find out more about the process of applying for GATE funding click here>>

How is my GATE Application processed?

GATE applications are processed in accordance with current approved policies for GATE funding. Applications must be Verified, Clearance Approved and Means confirmed in order for students to access funding.

General Information on GATE  

How can I withdraw from a GATE Funded Programme?

Students withdrawing from a programme for which they applied/received GATE funding must inform the teaching institution as well as the Funding and Grants Administration Division in writing. Failure to do so can jeopardise eligibility to receive GATE funding for any future programme.  

How many programmes can I apply for under GATE?  

Funding under the GATE Programme will be provided for no more than one (1) programme up to the undergraduate level.

Can I apply if I have received a Sponsorship other than GATE? 

A student in receipt of a sponsorship for tuition fees – e.g. scholarships, grants, bursaries – other than GATE for the academic year or course of study, shall not be eligible to access additional funding under the GATE programme

Are summer courses GATE funded?   

Summer courses that do not form part of the normal semester system are not eligible for GATE.

What is the duration of GATE funding? 

GATE funding shall be accessible to students for the approved duration of the programme.  A cost-sharing model using means testing is used to determine the amount of funding for which students are eligible.

For further information on GATE and Means Test click on the link provided for the FAQ page on the GATE eService website visit>>


Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division
Funding and Grants Administration
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St. Augustine
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Tel: (868) 800-GATE (4283) or (868) 663 – 0244