Food security means having, at all times, both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life.

Food security continues to be a global issue and Trinidad and Tobago is not immune to the myriad of challenges associated with becoming a food-secured nation.

At the primary school level, the use of school gardens to promote cross-curricular integration provides students with opportunities to explore food production in a more hands-on way, making the experience a more meaningful one for all involved.

However, many teachers continue to teach in silos and often relegate Agricultural Science to a theoretical exercise, confined to a textbook and a classroom. Little or no emphasis is placed on promoting food production and food security in practical ways. Further, with the return to a physical school, many teachers expressed concern for the readjustment of students to the physical classroom, yet few opportunities are provided for these students to engage in practical projects that support group efforts and promote collaboration and shared responsibilities.

Competition Information

This competition is aligned to the goals as outlined in the Vision 2030 National Development Strategy 2016 to 2030. Food security is an imperative partly because of the need to ensure that the country is able to produce most of the food it consumes itself through sustainable agriculture.

  • To encourage the growth of food and the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture, at the primary school level. 
  • To promote skill development among students in the area of agriculture
  • To promote World Food Day which is observed on October 16th annually.

Competition Guidelines

The objectives of the competition are as follows: 

  • Schools can register for the competition using the Microsoft Forms link provided.
  • Deadline date for Registration March 31st 2023.
  • Schools should have a kitchen garden, at least one innovative product and one value-added product per school.
  • Technical Guidance: Technical advice sessions will be conducted with schools virtually during the period March 20th to March 24th 2023
  • Final Judging: School’s kitchen garden: June 5th to June 23rd 2023 
  • Displays, products and portfolios: June 5th to June 23rd  2023 
  • Student submissions should be completed utilizing the portfolio template document (Portfolio Template).  Portfolios should reflect activities completed by students in the development of the project.  
  • Schools can submit entries from any number of classes in the school.



Upload format: Schools are to follow the portfolio development template and convert the document to PDF and send via email to the email address provided below: 

File name: Name of school.Level.IEAT23 

For Example: SunnyhillGovtPrimary.Infants.IEAT23 

Please send PDFs to the following email address: 


  • Academic School Year 2022/2023 Term 2/3  
  • 03rd February, 2023 – June, 2023

Target Audience/Beneficiaries

  • Infants: Infant 1 and 2 Classes
  • Lower school: Standards 1 to Standard 3
  • Upper school: Standards 4 to Standard 5