Induction Programme for Beginning Teachers: 2 year duration

Our new teachers are welcomed into the fold of the teaching fraternity at the orientation session which launches the Beginning Teachers’ Programme. The orientation is followed by continuous professional development (CPD) workshop on core areas of teaching and learning for example.

Year 1: 

  1. Understanding and Teaching Special Needs Learners
  2. Learning Across the Curriculum for Primary Education
  3. Learning Theories
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. Unit Planning
  6. Literacy
  7. Numeracy
  8. Differentiating Instruction
  9. Gender-Based Pedagogy
  10. Assessment and Evaluation
  11. ICT in Education
  12. Parental Involvement

Year 2: 

Teachers become familiar with the stages of action research and then embark on seeking solutions to challenges which they have encountered in the classroom. Teacher networking and team building characterize this phase which culminates with a presentation of their report on their findings.

2. Continuous Professional Development (CDP) Activities 

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Literacy and Numeracy
  3. ICT in Education
  4. Curriculum Content: Primary School Dance
  5. Painting for Secondary School Teachers
  6. Primary School – Integrated Arts Workshop
  7. Voice and Speech Training
  8. Continuous Assessment Component :Training
  9. Continuous Assessment Component :Training- Sensitization of Principals in Tobagoand Practice Assessment
  10. Continuous Assessment Component: Training
  11. Bridging Programme for Teachers with B. Ed./ECCE and Special Needs Specializations
  12. Robotics in Education Workshop for Secondary School Teachers
  13. Pedagogy

3. The Annual Professional Development Workshops for Teachers July-August

 This is the flagship programme of our division which was established in 2008 by a former Minister of Education, the Honourable Esther Le Gendre.

The objectives then and now are essentially the same:

  • to promote continuous learning and
  • to stimulate the growth of a community of learners

We are mindful that many teachers prefer to attend workshops during the school vacation because they do not have to worry about missing classes or picking up children from school. Teachers came to seek solutions or strategies to school. Teachers came to seek solutions or strategies to challenges they have been experiencing in and out of the classroom and to also renew acquaintances with colleagues from previous workshops.

Here are a few workshops we have offered through the years:

  1. Data- driven Instruction
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Identifying Students with Special Needs
  4. Play Therapy
  5. Learning with Blogs and Wikis
  6. Differentiated Instruction
  7. App Development Made Easy
  8. Developing ICT Infused Lessons
  9. Preparing for Promotion Series