The year 2024 marks 50 years of Diplomatic Relationship between The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and The People’s Republic of China. During this time both countries shared a mutual understanding and development in Education, Culture, Economics, Infrastructure and other areas. Education and Culture played an important role in this development. Today China has made great contributions in the form of scholarships, grants, student exchange, training and other methods of contribution to the development of Education and Culture. In other to celebrate this milestone of 50 years of Diplomatic Relationship, the People’s Republic of China via the Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting a Visual Arts competition for schools in Trinidad and Tobago. The competition will be based on the theme “A Journey of 50 years towards the Community with Shared Future: Trinidad and Tobago and China.” It is aimed to give students an opportunity to understand this relationship and demonstrate this understanding through Visual Arts

This competition also seeks to promote the Ministry of Education Cultural Transformation Policy with respect to Visual and Performing Arts in the area of Visual Arts.

  • Increases awareness of the Diplomatic Relationship between China and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Support youth development through involvement in creative activities and purposeful interaction with their peers
  • Audience awareness of our Diplomatic Relationship with China
  • Deepen aesthetic and cultural awareness  
  • Family support of student/s
  • School and national pride through the creation of artistic works,
  • Greater prominence and increase of Visual Arts activities in schools

The competition welcomes participation from all primary and secondary government and government-assisted schools in Trinidad and Tobago

  • The competition will be done in three (3) categories; Primary Schools, Lower Secondary (Forms 1 – 3) Upper Secondary (Forms 4 – 6)
  • Students will be required to produce Visual Arts pieces on the theme – “A Journey of 50 years towards the Community with Shared Future: Trinidad and Tobago and China.”
  • Submissions are to be in 2D – format only which will include Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Printmaking
  • Submission must be between 40cm X 55cm to 46cm X 60cm
  • The use of oil paints, organic materials and other dangerous materials such as broken glass, sharp metals etc is prohibited
  • All submissions using pencils, pastels, charcoal, etc must be fixed using an appropriate fixative.

Judging Criteria

Submission deadline – May 24th 2024

All artworks must be completed following the guidelines in the entry form and must be signed and stamped by the school’s principal as well as parent/guardian signature – FORM.

Artwork must be submitted with a completed entry form and on the date stated (Entry form). Registration for Download and Printing

  • Registration process via (Microsoft Forms): Deadline Extension – 17th May 2024 (CLOSED)
  • Academic School Year 2023/2024 Term 3 
  • April 2024 to June 2024
  • Project start date:- April 22nd 2024
  • All submission must be submitted to the Educational district offices for collection on May 24 2024
  • Judging of submissions – June 04th 2024 to June 06th 2024
  • Preparation of submissions for exhibition- June 10th 2024 to June 14th 2024
  • Award Ceremony- June 18th 2024