The Ministry of Education (MOE), the American Chamber of Commerce Trinidad and Tobago (AMCHAM TT) and First Citizens join hands to provide a unique experience for students and teachers to express their artistic talents and creativity, and at the same time beautify their school environment, through the Mural in School’s Project. The project, was officially launched on, Tuesday July 5, 2022, at MOE’s head office.

Dr the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly Minister of Education

Gillian Benjamin
Head – Brand and Marketing (Ag.)
Group Marketing & Communications
First Citizens

Nirad Tewarie AMCHAM TT CEO

Lenor Baptiste-Simmons Permanent Secretary. Minister of Education

Project Background – Adopt – A – School


Beautification is the process of making visual improvements in a town, city, school or organisation. Visible and tangible results of school beautification projects are the changes to the physical surroundings, for example removing graffiti from walls, picking up litter and garbage and even planting new trees and flowers will help to create a clean and attractive learning environment. Physical changes inside the school could include adapting the classrooms and common areas by painting murals or encouraging the students to decorate the outside of the lockers.

Effects on School Climate
School beautification is an important contribution to improvements in school climate. The school climate refers to the quality and character of school life. It is based on patterns of students’, parents’ and school personnel’s experience of school life and reflects norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices, organizational structures, and safety inside the school.
A sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and learning necessary for a productive, contributing and satisfying life in society at large. It impacts all the following areas:
✓ Norms, values and expectations that support people feeling socially, emotionally and physically safe.
✓ People are engaged and respected.
✓ Students, families and educators work together to develop, live and contribute to a shared school vision.
✓ Educators model and nurture attitudes that emphasize the benefits and satisfaction gained from learning.
✓ Each person contributes to the operations of the school and the care of the physical environment.

Research has shown that a positive school climate not only decreases student absenteeism and dropout rates (Center for Social and Emotional Education, 2010)but it also has a significant incidence in students’ academic performance (OREALCUNESCO, 2008).

Project Background – Adopt – A – School

On Friday 15th October 2021, AMCHAM T&T donated a Mural to the Ministry of Education (MOE) that colourfully symbolises and celebrates national unity, equality, equity and the freedom citizens enjoy when vaccinated.  

Given the positive effect and impact art has in conveying messages, while providing a platform for the expression of emotion and depicting the realities of our current circumstance, ACHAMTT and MOE have collaborated on a Mural in School Project for Government and Government Assisted Schools across Trinidad and Tobago. The Project is fully funded by AMCHAM T&T and First Citizens.   

A call for submissions for the Mural in Schools project was issued to both primary and secondary schools with an estimated twenty-seven schools being selected. These schools will be expected to paint and install their School Mural between July and September 2022.