Registration of Private ECCE Centres

Registration of an ECCE centre is defined as having followed and completed steps 1 a“ 5 as outlined in the Steps for Registration as well as compliance to the required Standards nos. 1 a“ 14 as specified below. All private schools operating in Trinidad and Tobago must be registered with the Ministry of Education in accordance with the Education Act Chap 39:01 Registration of Private ECCE centres falls under the purview of the Division of School Supervision located at Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.


  1. Application Forms can be obtained from Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Division or downloaded from the Ministry of Education website: –
  2. Providers applying for registration of a preschool must be in operation for at least one (1) month before the application for registration is submitted to the Ministry of Education (ECCE Division).
  3. Written approvals must be obtained from the following agencies:
  4. Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA)
  5. Electrical Inspectorate (Public Utilities Commission)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services
  7. Regional Health Authority
  8. Nursery Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Institutions that also provide day-care services) (Notification must also be given to Childrena™s Authority)
  9. All private schools must also register their business with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and attach the receipt unto application form. (Originals must be seen by a Ministry of Education Official and copies are to be submitted to the Division of School Supervision)
  10. There must be at least one (1) qualified teaching staff with relevant certification. The minimum qualification is as follows:
  11. Certificate in Early Childhood Education from a recognized Tertiary Institution (Copy of certificate must be submitted to the School Supervision Division along with original.)
  12. Providers are required to visit the ECCE Division after completing steps one (1) a“ five (5) with a valid form of identification.


  • Teacher child ratio should not exceed the following:
  • Birth – 2 years 1: 4
  • 2 – 3 years 1: 6
  • 3 – 4+ years 1: 15

All accidents/incidents must be recorded in detail

  1. The ECCE Division and the Ministry of Health must be notified immediately of the following:
  2. Outbreak of a communicable disease.
  3. Food poisoning
  4. Serious accident or injury to staff or child
  5. Sudden death
  6. A fully equipped First Aid Kit must be on hand. This has to be clearly labelled, visible and readily available, but not accessible to the children.
  7. Glass doors and windows at a low level must be fitted with safety glass or covered with safety film. First floor windows must be fitted with opening restrictors.
  8. Preschools must be clean, properly ventilated, adequately lighted and furnished in a child-centred manner.
  9. Preschools should have one child sized toilet and face basin for every fifteen (15) children. Bathroom doors should be free of locks.
  10. A shower area should be provided for childrena™s use.
  11. There should be adequate space to accommodate the number of children attending the preschool. There should be access to an outdoor play area.
  12. (Recommended space guide)
    • birth – 2 years 2.7 sq. metres (25 sq. ft.)
    • 2 – 3 years 2.1 sq. metres (20 sq. ft.)
    • 3 – 5 years 1.6 sq. metres (15 sq. ft)
  13. Ground floor accommodation is the preferred setting for preschools. If such accommodations are not available, each child MUST be accompanied up and down the stairs. Staircases must be of a design with suitably constructed banisters and non-skid treaders. Gates may be required at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  14. Provider must inform the Ministry of Education of transfer of ownerships, relocation or closure of preschools.
  15. Providers are required to complete and submit to the ECCE Division the Annual Statistical Returns Data Form to the Research Department of the ECCE Division.

Breakdown of Various Approvals

  1. Health a“ Contact Public Health Inspectorate for your area
  2. Fire Services Approval – This must be sought from the Fire Prevention Department closes to you. Your request is for an inspection for the acquisition of a certificate must be made to the Officer in Charge of the Fire Prevention Department. The offices are located in the following areas: South – San Fernando Fire Station, Central – Chaguanas Fire Station, North – Wrightson road Port of Spain or Grande Fire Station.
  3. Electrical Inspectorate Approval – There offices are located in Arouca – Head Office, POS opposite the Oval in the Ministry of Public Utilities building and there is an office in San Fernando. You are seeking an inspection certificate of approval. Please call their office to get the necessary details regarding the approvals. N:B. You are seeking an (Inspection Certificate of Approval in accordance with the [Electricity inspection Act, Chap 54:72})
  4. WATER AND SEWERAGE AUTHORITY (WASA) a“ Contact the New Services Department located in Valsayn St. Joseph for guidance regarding the approval process 662 a“ 2302 (ext. 2699). N:B. You are seeking a completion certificate for internal plumbing system.