The Ministry of Education continues to utilise data driven measures to guide decision making in the process of development.  To this end, the Ministry uses both academic and non-academic data to monitor student learning, school effectiveness, and the quality of the education system. Since students spend much of their time at school, it is important that schools not only cater to their academic development but also to their overall well-being.

The School Climate Survey is an initiative of the Ministry of Education which aims to collect non-academic data about schools. The survey collects data on students’, parents’ and teachers’ experiences in school and measures the extent to which schools provide a safe and supportive environment.

Some key areas measured by the survey include:

  • School safety
  • Prevalence of Bullying and victimization
  • Support for Students
  • School Discipline Structure
  • Student Engagement/ Motivation

The data from this survey will be used to identify the areas of schools which can be improved. This will inform the development of projects and programmes to improve the quality of school life as well as students’ and staff well being. Individual school climate reports are also provided to each school, schools use this data in developing their school development plans.

The National School Climate Survey 2024 survey consists of questionnaires for students in Standard 3, Standard 4, Form 1 and Form 3 in all primary and secondary schools nationwide. There are also questionnaires for parents, students, and principals.

The student questionnaire will be administered in school on February 21st 2024. The online questionnaires for teachers and principals will also be open from February 21st 2024. The parent questionnaire is currently open to all parents of students in Standard 3, Standard 4, Form 1, and Form 3. This questionnaire will remain open until February 28th 2024. The parent questionnaire can be found at the following link: Parent Questionnaire