Special Concessions for Primary and Secondary School Students Writing Local Examinations 2023

Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools, and Private Candidates in Trinidad and Tobago are invited to submit applications for the provision of Special Concessions for students with diagnosed disabilities and other special educational needs, due to be entered for all local examinations for 2023.

Special Concessions will be offered to eligible students who are registered for the following local examinations:

  • Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) 2023
  • Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE) 2023
  • National Certificate Secondary Examination (NCSE) 2023

Students may qualify for special concessions under the following circumstances:

a. Students with Learning Disabilities/Neurological/Developmental Disorders:

Applications for students with learning disabilities, neurological or development disorder must be accompanied by bonafide documentation (valid for a maximum of three years from the date of the assessment) from a professional/organization qualified to do psycho-educational assessments.

b. Students with Medical, Physical and Sensory Impairments:

Applications for students with medical, physical and sensory impairments must be accompanied by bonafide documentation from a recognized medical institution or professional (valid for a maximum of one year from the date of the assessment).

c. Other special circumstances:

Any other special circumstances, under which a special concession for the day of the examination may be required, should be submitted for the consideration of this Ministry.

Guidelines for Submission of Applications for Special Concessions:

  • Completed Applications must be submitted on the prescribed forms available at https://www.moe.gov.tt/special-concessions/
  • The prescribed application forms can also be obtained from any of the following offices:
    • Ministry of Education District Offices.
    •  Student Support Services District Offices.
  • Special Concessions which may be granted and the general criteria for such concessions are stated in the “Policy Guidelines for the Provision of Alternative Arrangements (Special   Concessions)   for   Students Writing Local Examinations”. An updated version can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website www.moe.gov.tt, under the heading ‘Resources’ — ‘Special Concessions For Local Examinations’ or using the link https://bit.ly/3Hu7s0H
  • completed copy of the student’s Cumulative Record Card, a copy of the student’s Birth Certificate MUST be submitted, along with all supporting documents.
  • Applications should be accompanied by a cover letter clearly identifying the following:
  • The Full Name of the School/Institution/Individual submitting applications on behalf of students, and the respective Education District;
  • The Full Name of each student for whom an application is being submitted;
  • The Number of Applications enclosed;
  • A Listing of any Additional Documents submitted in support of each application.
  • All   applications should   be   forwarded, in   a sealed   envelope,   clearly labeled
    “APPLICATIONS FOR SPECIAL CONCESSIONS” and addressed to “Ministry of
    Education Examination Section, Level TWO -Education Towers, #5 St. Vincent
    Street, Port of Spain. Telephone Contact: 622-2181 — Ext. 1113.


  • Applications for special concessions resulting from EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY which adversely affect students’ performance, may be submitted for consideration after the given deadline date, but no later than January 31, 2023. Applications received after this deadline, particularly for the Secondary Entrance Examination 2023 will be deferred and processed for the first sitting of the Supplementary (Make-Up) Examination.
  • An updated application must be re-submitted for any student previously approved for a special concession, and who is repeating the Secondary Entrance Assessment, or any other local examination.
  • Students for whom applications have been submitted may be visited/contacted by officers of the Student Support Services Division, Ministry of Education.

Please note that this deadline refers only to local examinations, and as such does not refer to the deadline for concessions applications for the CSEC and CAPE Examinations.

Failure to provide the requested documentation by the stated deadline may result in non- approval of request for special concession.

The submission of an application does not guarantee its approval.

The Notice of Approval/Non-Approval of Applications for Special Concessions for students writing all Local Examinations in 2023 will be forwarded to the Principals of the respective schools, or to the parents/guardians of private candidates, by the Supervisor of Examinations. If you have not received any feedback on applications submitted by September 30, 2021, please contact the Examination Section at 622-2181 Ext. 1103, 1106, 1110 and 1113.

Principals are required to bring this Circular to the attention of the teachers and parents of all students who are eligible for any of the examinations identified.

Please be guided accordingly.


Student Support Services Division (SSSD) 
Ministry of Education
Level 1, Building A, 
Education Towers
No. 5 St. Vincent Street, 
Port of Spain 
Tel: 1(868)622-2181 (Ext. 1033/1034/1035/1036)
Email: studentsupportservices@moe.gov.tt